Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Teringat Dulu-Dulu..

?????? ????? ? ???? ???? ? ??????

..First time face too face..
..First time ngedate..
..First nite..
..First time xoxoxoxo..
..First time  lunch with her..
..First time dinner with her..
..First time someone feed me a food..
..First time watch cinema..
..First time give her a gift..
..First time i get a silver chain with  "F " as locket..
..First time i get a silver bracelet..
..First time ride motorcycle (EGOS) with her..
..Everything is first with her...
..Never forget that moment..
..So sweet when we together..
..I love her damn much..
..I mizz her damn much..
..Wanna to see her again..
..I can't wait anymore..

p/s :: saya rindu saat dulu-dulu


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